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           The End-users:

           The Sellers:

           As a result of friendly consultations, the Endusers and the Sellers have reached an understanding as follows:

            A) For the purpose of fund raising, the End-users will engage in a transaction with the ABC Leasing Co., Ltd. in the way of financial leasing transaction according to international practice. That is, the End-users will conclude a Property Rights Assignment Agreement with the above-mentioned Company, under which the End-users will assign to the above-mentioned Company the ownership of the contracted goods and the intellectual rights concerned under the Contract No.xxxxxxxx signed between the Buyers and the xxxxxxxxxxxxx , so that a funding from the above-mentioned Company by such a transference be acquired by the End-users. And, at the same time, the End-users will, as the Lessee, enter into a financial leasing agreement with the above-mentioned Company, as the Lessor, to acquire the exclusive right of use of the above-mentioned goods and intellectual rights concerned. The Lessee's exclusive right of use, according to the terms of the financial leasing agreement, shall not be violated by anybody including the Lessor.

            B) The Sellers have been informed the above-mentioned transaction and have no objections to the transaction.

           This Agreement shall be an inseparable part of the above-mentioned Contract and shall have the same effect as the Contract itself.


             The End-users                        The Sellers

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